Love and Movies

28 Feb

This is exactly why we wanted to start this website. People who go out to “the movies” as something¬†¬† to do when you’re bored won’t understand. I go out to the theater because I am addicted to feeling things.¬† Every time I go I want it to be an EXPERIENCE, even if it’s a bad one, I want to feel something. Heather sent us an email shortly after we launched this thing which I think perfectly explains everything. She writes: Continue reading


EXCLUSIVE: Most Definitive Oscar Wrap Up

27 Feb


by Dylan Wise









Well another Ocsar Awards Ceremony has come and gone. Continue reading

An Open Letter

25 Feb

by Nick Orsini

I’m a guy. A guy who keeps movie ticket stubs. Not only do I keep them, I’ve kept every single one since Ang Lee’s “Hulk.” The really monumental occasions, those times when the experience outweighs the movie itself, those ticket stubs go in a binder. It’s one of those nifty craft-store binders made for concert tickets. I’m left meticulously gluing tickets into the over-sized plastic sleeves. I write a little paragraph about the night. The night that made that movie special. That binder is green and orange and crudely marked with pen and Sharpie. When I first started this project with Dylan…it was about trying to figure out the common thread between all those nights. What makes a movie ticket stub worthy of the binder? What makes going to the movies a memory rather than a thing you do for fun when you’re bored? Continue reading

The Twist

25 Feb

by Dylan Wise

This story is true. Sadly.

Allow me to set up 2004 very briefly. I am 18. I am in what I like to call my Daniel Johns years (the lead singer of 90s grunge band Silverchair). An anemic thinness has overtaken my body. A physique I attribute to being in love and not a warm or healthy kind of love, the vicious kind. I play in a band, which gives me street cred but we aren’t very good, back to one. Two years ago I had my mom call in sick to school for me in order to stand in line for “Attack of the Clones,” I plan on doing the same thing next year for “Revenge of the Sith.” I don’t yet realize these are not good movies. But being the vicious lover that I am, I wait in line, I pay for tickets, I eat at a chicken place that specializes in the Kentucky fried variety in order to get the toys from the films. I soak all of this in. Obsessive is a good word for people like me. But not one toy (or three boxes worth still in my parent’s basement) can match that first viewing high you get in a theater. Since 2004, this seems to be one of the only things I still hold on to. For me, it’s almost a religion. My bible is IMDB and my church is the Cinema. Which in that religious context makes what happens in this story truly unholy. Continue reading

The Projection List

25 Feb

Dream Job

Elitist. Hipster. Failure. Whatever. I’m always nervous of someone out there judging me hastily, so I’ll get to the point. I love movie theaters. I love going to movie theaters. I love going to see a comedy with friends. I love sitting in a packed theater for a Pixar movie. I even love going to see ‘Unknown’ by myself on Thursday afternoon.

As all blogs start, this started out as an idea for a book (or maybe I have that backwards). After drawing up a mock budget we (myself and Nick Orsini) realized this free blog is more around our price range.

Through this I hope to share my love (and consequently, hate) for movie theaters or Movie Theatres or Cinema Houses or “The Movies”. Oh, and also the effeminate, African American ticket taker from my home theater in Ohio that always says “Enjoy your show y’all”, this is mostly for him.