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Love List Five

17 Oct











or How Five Pretty-Boy Faces Changed My Life

by Erin Kanary

I am a big fan of  top-fiving elements of my life. It allows me to prioritize the unimportant as I pretend to work or perhaps am drinking alone. I can put things in perspective and get a better handle of my existence. Here I plan on following in the footsteps of John Cusak in High Fidelity and count down the five great loves of my life – that is, the five great loves of my life from the movies and/or television whom I have never met and will never say a word to as long as I live. Nonetheless, these Hollywood honeys have proven more impactful in my life than most men I know. Having just typed that sentence and reading it back to myself, I realize how sad that sounds. I choose to keep that sentence in, however, and I proudly stand by it. So without further delay… Continue reading


Making it Complex

9 Sep

There have been many times I’ve gone to the theater and felt only the enjoyment of another night spent out doing something I loved doing. And I do mean many. I’ve been to the theater about a million times. I remember as a child on winter days when the snow wouldn’t allow us to go to school (Much to my excitement) we’d occasionally go see movies. Sadly, I can only remember going to see Beethoven. You know, that ridiculous movie with the dog who gets into all sorts of mischievous adventures…Well, then I’m sure you remember the completely unnecessary millions of sequels afterward…Yeah, I saw those too…I was a child.

Either way, from there my love for the movies began to grow and grow. Much like Scorsese I was a sick child and had to spend a lot of my time inside watching movies, instead of outside bird dogging chicks…and things of that sort. Not to compare myself to the likes of him but it did make me smile knowing we shared similar childhoods.  Instead I stayed inside and watched E.T. a million times over until I’d all but memorized every line. Continue reading

Fuck ’em if they can’t take a joke.

12 Aug

(My fingers smell like lamb and I am contemplating the credibility of Michael Cera as a serious      actor.)

My Mom used to take me and my brother to the Colony Theater to see all the Elvis movies when I    was four. I was totally enthralled, unlike my younger brother, who used to crawl around the aisles,  and we could always see where he was, ‘cuz of the silhouettes of people who would jerk up when  there was a kid under their seat. Movies have always served as a major escape for me, wherein I would allow the big silver screen to suck me in and allow me to be a part of the action. It’s all about the heroes, no?

Elvis and John Wayne – how fucked up is that? Continue reading

…I like to laugh

12 Mar

I think it’s known that I am obsessive and compulsive about my theater experiences. Yelling at projectionists, shushing teenagers and the occasional walk out due to unsatisfactory conditions are all routine. I have, since gaining a disgusting amount of weight, stopped with the large soda and popcorn but don’t think food is a necessity at the show, progress? I like to enjoy myself. I like it quiet during trailers. Even the shitty ones (Adjustment Bureau?).

I like to think that I am in my own little world. The keyword is ‘think’. It’s clear that I am not alone and this is no more clear than when going to see comedies. Let’s start by saying that I go through phases in my life; jnco jeans, Limp Bizkit, Zach Braff. They’re all pop culture and behavioral bookmarks that allow me to remember what I was at a certain age. As it turns out I also go through laugh phases. Little variances that I wish I could put into words. Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Most Definitive Oscar Wrap Up

27 Feb


by Dylan Wise









Well another Ocsar Awards Ceremony has come and gone. Continue reading

An Open Letter

25 Feb

by Nick Orsini

I’m a guy. A guy who keeps movie ticket stubs. Not only do I keep them, I’ve kept every single one since Ang Lee’s “Hulk.” The really monumental occasions, those times when the experience outweighs the movie itself, those ticket stubs go in a binder. It’s one of those nifty craft-store binders made for concert tickets. I’m left meticulously gluing tickets into the over-sized plastic sleeves. I write a little paragraph about the night. The night that made that movie special. That binder is green and orange and crudely marked with pen and Sharpie. When I first started this project with Dylan…it was about trying to figure out the common thread between all those nights. What makes a movie ticket stub worthy of the binder? What makes going to the movies a memory rather than a thing you do for fun when you’re bored? Continue reading

The Projection List

25 Feb

Dream Job

Elitist. Hipster. Failure. Whatever. I’m always nervous of someone out there judging me hastily, so I’ll get to the point. I love movie theaters. I love going to movie theaters. I love going to see a comedy with friends. I love sitting in a packed theater for a Pixar movie. I even love going to see ‘Unknown’ by myself on Thursday afternoon.

As all blogs start, this started out as an idea for a book (or maybe I have that backwards). After drawing up a mock budget we (myself and Nick Orsini) realized this free blog is more around our price range.

Through this I hope to share my love (and consequently, hate) for movie theaters or Movie Theatres or Cinema Houses or “The Movies”. Oh, and also the effeminate, African American ticket taker from my home theater in Ohio that always says “Enjoy your show y’all”, this is mostly for him.