Love and Movies

28 Feb

This is exactly why we wanted to start this website. People who go out to “the movies” as something   to do when you’re bored won’t understand. I go out to the theater because I am addicted to feeling things.  Every time I go I want it to be an EXPERIENCE, even if it’s a bad one, I want to feel something. Heather sent us an email shortly after we launched this thing which I think perfectly explains everything. She writes:

“This guy I had a crush on and I went to the movie’s one night we hadn’t seen (he later told me he had seen it already but knew I would protest to see it if he had).  We sit in the theater twenty minutes early and just talk on and on.  The time for the movie to start comes and goes.  About fifteen minutes after starting time, a theater employee comes in to say they’re having trouble with the projection.  That we are all getting comped for the movie and also have the choice to see another movie tonight or come back.  The guy and I go out and get our comps and decide to stay and see another movie, one I had already seen.  We wait and talk in the theater.  Again, the movie’s start time passes by.  Not that we noticed too much, we were enjoying ourselves.  The movie starts about ten minutes late and we settle into the movie.  My favorite part was just leaning into my chair, our arms touching, and feeling him breathe.  Afterward, he took me home and I had the comp coupons in my purse, ensuring another time to hang out with him.  -Heather”

My first dates are almost always to the movies. There’s a great stomach fluttering high that happens when you’re first getting to know someone, everything is exciting. I equate that feeling to some of the first viewings of films in the theater. Love and movies. Doesn’t get much better than that.



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